In this modern city, associated with success and luxury shops, very soon O2 Spa, is opening a great area for rejuvenation at Double – Tree by Delhi Hotel. Guests in Gurgaon, are now welcome to have a grand experience, of a range of body treatments, facials, and packages, alternative massages, body and skin treatment options. They will be able to avail all the modern benefits of Massage and treatments. O2 Spa has the aim to provide, soothing freshness and perfect relaxation. The therapists’ are professionally trained to offer a healing touch.


O2 SPA, Double Tree Hotel

Sector 56, DLF Golf Course Road.
Gurgaon- 122011.
Call:(+91) 9247020202 | +91 1244911234
Open Daily 7:00AM to 10:00PM
Call:09247020202 | 09711448569