Aromatherapy Massage

O2 Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils distilled from plants (leaves, flowers, stems, roots and barks) used as therapy to enhanced healing, psychological and physical wellness. Inhaled, the aroma of the essential oils stimulates the brain to give a feeling of well-being. When inhaled some essential oils have therapeutic value for the respiratory system and the use eucalyptus oil to relieve nasal and chest congestion has long since been proven to be effective. The skin is the largest organ of the body and essential oils in carrier oils are used on the skin but in diluted concentrations. Essential oils can also be used in baths.

The essential oils used for O2 Aromatherapy multiply the effect of the physical massage as many have muscle relaxant and pain relief properties. In addition to the use of the oil, the aroma itself gives a feeling of well-being which helps to relief stress.

Massaging aid a quicker absorption of the oils in the skin where it is then picked up by the circulatory system and carried all over the body. Essential oils that boost the immune system are especially beneficial when delivered by means of a massage.


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